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The Kosandra Sports Academy Story

Elizabeth (Elizaveta Kosareva), Founder


"As a Founder my goal is to attract more kids in Hong Kong to do sports, help them to have a healthy mindset, teach healthy habits, be open to make new friends, let them grow in a healthy environment, build strong character to face difficulties, offer them support allowing making mistakes, build self-confidence to chase their dreams and most important to be happy!"
Founder Elizabeth

Elizabeth started learning figure skating since she was 3 years old in her mother Irina Kosareva’s figure skating school. Irina (Ирина Косарева) is a famous figure skating coach who has taught and guided many young figure skating champions. Growing up in such an environment with her mom as her mentor, Elizabeth also learned how to train young and teenage skaters to succeed in competitions. And, when she started her own teaching, many of her students became medal winners of numerous national competitions, which made her realise that she was born to coach and was passionate about it.

Still a teenager, Elizabeth entered a dancing academy to study modern dance which included gymnastics and acrobatics training. After becoming a professional show dancer, she was chosen to be in a troupe that performed in a number of mega Russian & International TV shows. She also performed for many Russian and overseas celebrities such as Bonnie Tyler, Gipsy Kings, Vitas, Angelica Agurbash, and Nadezhda Kadysheva.

Though Elizabeth also has a university degree in Business & Service and had a promising career in the hospitality industry where she worked for a few years, her heart has always been with teaching sports to children. She has always felt that her achievements in life so far are all thanks to her sports training and the soft skills that she picked up through her physical education.

At the beginning of 2021 Elizabeth created Kosandra Sports Academy.

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