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October 24-30, 2022

Halloween dress up week

Spider men, Witches, Pumpkins, Bats, Supermen, Princesses, Vampires, Skeletons, Superheroes and so much more characters  we have seen at our Festive Halloween week!

We are so happy to create the environment for our students to express themselves wearing their favorite character costume, move the way they like on rollerblades and introduce their costume and how they feel about it.

At Kosandra Sports we believe self expression and the opportunity to be heard is very important for children to feel belong and build up  confidence  to express their own observation about the world.


October 24-30, 2022

Halloween dress up week

We are so excited to wear our favorite costumes and have a Roller Halloween Party!

What to expect? Spooky games, skeleton dancing, flying broom stick, swinging your wings like a bat, playing trick or treat and  so much more to have terrifically terrifying time!


Be ready to represent your costume and tell the story about it.

Halloween 2022 e.png

September 5, 2022

Wellness Lamma month 

More than 20 artists, musicians, coaches and trainers are joining the wellness project to hold various activities focusing on mental health, stress relief and wellness. All the classes and art exhibition will be conducted all over Lamma Island.

Kosandra Sports had a chance to participate in sports section to provide movements for stress relief and well - being.

September 1st, 2022

Our Jersey Set (T-shirt & Shorts) is personalized for each of our students with their name on it.

At Kosandra Sports we believe proper clothing affect the performance and increasing chances to do better not only at sports, but also learn life skills.

Wearing a uniform at our classes creates a sense of community, identity, equality and pride.

Order your uniform in online shop here

Newly designed uniform

Pirates performans ADD.png

August 22, 2022

Artistic skating

First Artistic Skating Performance “Pirates of Lamma ” by our Movers Level students.

When: 22 August
Time: 6:00-6:15pm
Where: Basketball court (Lamma Island)

Come to watch the performance with your friends and family and support our Advanced Level skaters.

Watch Promo video here 

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roller English camp

August 16, 2022

In collaboration Kosandra Sports & WeSkate we tailor - made a unique program to combine physical exercise and rollerblading.

Camp program for 120 min:
10:00-10:45 Sports activity

10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Rollerblading activity

Are you ready to sweat?

Roller Eglish Camp 1.jpg
Camp at WEskate, August 22.jpg

August 16, 2022

roller English camp

In collaboration with rollerblading school WeSkate we are organizing Roller English Camp!

What to expect at the Camp?

  • Indoor rink

  • The taught language is English

  • Physical exercises

  • Sports games

  • Dancing

  • Rollerblading

And so much FUN!!!

August 2, 2022

Starters level Exam

Our students in Whampoa passed Starters Level Exam! Congratulations!

In order to move to the next level the child has to perform certain moves according to each level.

In Kosandra Sports  we have 4 skating levels:
1. Starters 
2. Beginners 
3. Movers 
4. Flyers 

What level you want to achieve?

Exam Starters Lvl Whampoa August.jpg

July 2, 2022

headstand with rollerblades ON.jpg

Best unique pose contest

Roller skating doesn't just mean going in a straight line!

We are hosting a contest where we'll raffle off 1 free class for you and your family or friend one on one with our Founder Coach Elizabeth!

Post your unusual roller skating photo, tag @Kosandrasports and we'll choose a winner in our Instagram storis!

Watch our stories and give your vote for the best unusual pose with rollerblades on 10th of Julye.

Be creative!

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February 10, 2022

Kosandra Sports has been voted as a Silver Winner in two categories: Best Kid's Sports Programme & Best Outdoor Activity for Kids in Expat Living Readers'Choice Award 2022 under Expat Living magazine.

We will continue to work passionately and provide the best training experience for our students.

Our motto: Achieve What You Love!


outdoor activity award.jpg
kid's program award.jpg
christmas whampoa.jpg

December 30, 2021

Christmas classes

Rollerblade Coach turned into Ms. Santa Claus! 

At Kosandra Sports, we take each festive occasion seriously, as seriously as we train our students. 

For our recent Christmas themed classes, Coach Ms. Santa Claus created some fun Christmassy games for our students, i.e. a competition of two teams decorating Christmas trees on the rollerblades and learning to how to spin by making snowflake movements. 

We feel gratified that our students enjoyed our way to celebrate Christmas with them. And, we were especially delighted by their smiles when Ms. Santa Claus presented each student a little gift.

We invite you to have a look at our Christmas themed classes video


We wish you a happy new year and a wonderful 2022!

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november 7, 2021

ice skating class

An exciting first-time ice-skating experience for our rollerblading students.

We teach Rollerblading skills that are applicable to Ice-skating, so that your children learn two sports at the same time.

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-07 at 22.35.48.jpeg

October 31, 2021

Halloween Themed class

We at Kosandra Sports love to make every festive occasion extra fun for our children. It makes us happy to see them happy with our games, such as staking with a broom like a witch.

We look forward to more special moments like this!

Watch the video of our Halloween class here

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October 4, 2021

beginners level exam

It is our pleasure to announce that all our students who took the Beginners Level exam have successfully undertook the challenge. They are now officially Movers (intermediate level skaters).

Kosandra Sports will keep endeavouring along with our hard working students for their technique improvement as well as entertainment. 

As a student rightfully expressed, all our students work hard without knowing it because they enjoy what they do.

Watch the video of our Halloween class here 

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October 4&5, 2021

beginners level exam

We are delighted to announce that there will be an exam for the official promotion of our students for becoming Movers (Intermediate level) on October 4 at 5pm (Lamma Island ) and October 5 at 5:45pm (Whampoa, Kowloon).

Students who pass the Beginner’s Level will be rewarded with a certificate and there will be a little ceremony to celebrate the event at the end.


september 21, 2021

mid autumn festival

Lantern Festival is an important Chinese holiday and it’s one of our students’ favourite days of the year. Kosandra Sports decided to make this day special by having a themed class and finishing it with giving to students little lanterns to take home.


Kosandra Sports is all about hard work, fun and sharing good moments together!


05 September, 2021


An exciting announcement for Kosandra Sports to share with our students and the public.

Two of our inline skating students joined an Inline Skating Obstacle Course Competition that took place on September 5, and both of them (Emma, 9 y.o. and Noemie, 5 y.o.) each won a gold medal in their respective age and gender categories.

We are thankful to have been invited by YSkate and TKO Spot to participate in this event. We would like to commend YSkate again for this well-executed event as well as their opening performance.

Girls with coach Elizabeth_edited.jpg

August 31, 2021


wonderful collaboration with hans andersen

Kosandra Sports is pleased to have completed our summer charity sports course at Hans Andersen Club on Lamma Island.

Hans Andersen was Established in 1963. Lamma Island Centre was established in 2001. HAC is the only charitable organization serving children and teenagers on the Island. Their service missions are community volunteering, intergenerational participation, support the Ethnic Minories and local culture promotion.

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