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Learn fancy moves that make you proud

Kosandra Sports teach Inline Skating skills in a unique way that are applicable to ICE SKATING, so that children can easily enjoy two sports in different surroundings.




First time on the rollerblade

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When you can balance and skate on your own 

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When you can skate confidently and stop at will

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When you are ready to learn fancy moves

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What do i need for the class?

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Step 1:

WEAR Comfortable sportswear (must be stretchable, no dresses).

If you have long hair, tie you hair (so no hair strands would come to the face) 

Step 2:

PUT ON Complete protective gear set (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards)


Long sports socks 


  • Please arrive 15 min before the class to be fully equipped 

  • Make sure you have enough water to drink during the class



At what age my child can join classes?

- 3 years old and above

What to bring to the training?


-Long sports socks 

-Protective gear set (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards) 

-Towel (to wipe sweat)


What to wear for the class?

- Uniform T-shirt

- Shorts/leggings (no skirts, no dresses) 

- If you have long hair, tie your hair (so no hair strands would come to the face)

Do I need to bring my own rollerblades?

- For the trial class, we can offer rollerblades for rental (50hkd) and a protection gear set (50hkd), please contact us in advance to book

What rollerblades to buy?

  • Adjustable sizes as children’s feet grow very quickly

  • Professional good quality rollerblades. Good quality rollerblades help children learn with ease and not have their movements be impeded 

  • As for brands, we recommend: Micro, Rollerblade (Microblade)

Where to buy rollerblades?

- Decathlon (Intermediate rollerblades, make sure it comes with the stopper)

- Amazon

Do I need to have prior rollerblading experience to join the class?

- No, we teach all levels 

Do I need to wear protective gear and a helmet for the class?

- Yes!

Can I buy rollerblades/protective gear/helmet at Kosandra Sports?

- We only sell protective gears/helmets/rollerblade bags (we don't sell rollerblades)

Where are the classes?

CWB (Victoria Park), Kennedy Town, Whampoa, Lamma Island (schedule)